Alderman Ron Becks stands in Voight’s office and pleads with Voight to help find his missing daughter Alison and her friend Hayden. Voight bristles at the politician, but Commander Fischer makes it an order. Intelligence starts with the only clue – Alison and Hayden ordered an Uber last night, and they track the location of the car to a field outside the city. Away from the vehicle, Olinsky and Voight follow a trail of blood to discover the driver beaten within an inch of his life, the victim of two masked men who kidnapped Alison and Hayden. After a series of dead ends – and a tough meeting between Voight and Becks where Voight warns the alderman to divulge any enemies or risk losing his daughter – Intelligence locates a signal for the Uber driver’s stolen phone. The entire team scours the residential street looking for the cell phone, but before they get too far, Hayden bursts through a second-story window. Intelligence scatters – Lindsay protects Hayden while Antonio rushes into the apartment and, in a close-quarters shootout, kills one of the masked kidnappers. The other one floors it in a getaway car – with Alison in tow.

Meanwhile, Antonio’s 14-year-old daughter Eva surprises him by showing up unannounced at the precinct. Although at first annoyed by the fact she rode the train over by herself, he later realizes she misses him and simply wishes to see her father. He assures Eva that no matter what occurs between him and her mom, he will always be there for both her and Diego.

Another surprise visit occurs when a woman named Olive blindsides Voight at District 21 looking for his son Justin. Turns out she and Justin used to date… and now she’s pregnant. Shocked, Voight verifies her story with Justin (who’s set for leave soon and plans to return to Chicago) and invites her to dinner. Over a home-cooked meal, Voight bonds with Olive and even gives her some cash from his secret safe.

At Chicago Med, Hayden details how she gathered the courage to leap through the window in order to save herself from the kidnappers, although she feels guilty for leaving Alison. Unfortunately, the men wore masks throughout her captivity, and she can’t identify any of them. Lindsay and Voight decide to take a photo of the kidnapper Antonio killed to her anyway, just in case – and the move pays off. Alison recognizes the man… because she’s seen him talk to her dad, Gordon. Turns out, 10 years ago, Gordon hired one of the men to rob an employee embezzling money from his company, and the thief got caught and spent those 10 years in prison. The motivation seems clear for the thief-turned-kidnapper – this is all about revenge.

Voight and Lindsay lean hard on Gordon, but it’s his wife and Hayden that trigger his confession and help lead Intelligence to Reid, the kidnapper in question. They track him to an abandoned school and interrupt a deal between him and Becks, seconds away from handing Reid cash to free his daughter. Voight finds Alison in a soundproof music room, tied to a chair, terrified, but alive. Antonio and Lindsay apprehend Reid and then reunite Alison with Alderman Becks.

A stranger kind of reunion occurs during a gun buyback event when Roman recognizes a gun from an unsolved triple homicide in his former district. He and Burgess report back to Platt, but she warns them not to follow up – accepting guns without asking questions lays at the very fabric of the gun buyback program. The officers disobey her and wind up snagging evidence with prints that match a known criminal. Despite the fact their work will likely secure a conviction, Platt chastises them for breaking the rules.

At the end of shift, Roman runs into Antonio and, noticing the detective’s anxiety over the impending divorce, offers him a job with his part-time security company to help ends meet. The gig pays $500 a night and Antonio eventually agrees – and shows up at an extravagant townhouse for his first foray into private security. The rich client explains that Antonio is tasked with watching his back, not asking too many questions and keeping an eye on his attractive wife. This gig’s not looking too bad after all…

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The action picks up right where it left off – Halstead dives behind the bar to tend to his wounded friend, Maddie, conscious but losing blood. Lindsay rushes outside and manages to fire off a few shots as the shooter and his driver disappear down the street. Seconds later, Sylvie Brett, the paramedic from Firehouse 51, responds to the call and moves Maddie to the ICU at Chicago Med. Doesn’t look good.

At District 21, Voight grounds Halstead as a precautionary measure and orders Burgess and Roman to keep him in their sights at all times. A tip sends Antonio and Lindsay to an urgent care where they find the getaway driver, and with some extra pressure, he gives up the shooter’s hideout. Voight and Atwater pay him a visit and after a brief chase they toss him in the cage at District 21. Seething from the shooter’s attempt on Halstead’s life, Voight subjects him to an intense interrogation and learns Oskar Bembenek released an entire hit list of names, all people associated with his arrest and trial. Moments later, Voight and Antonio confirm it – the daughter of the attorney prosecuting Oskar winds up dead in an alley. This case just got a whole lot bigger.

Meanwhile, Bunny interrupts Lindsay at the station to plead for her presence at the wedding. Lindsay hesitates, still frustrated with her mom, but eventually shows up anyway… only for her mom to blow her off after a brief conversation. The experience leaves a sour taste and Lindsay winds up in Voight’s office, eager to recount an old story about borrowing cash from him to help support Bunny’s drug habit. She admits that he’s her only family… and Voight feels the same way.

When Atwater discovers the mother of Bembenek’s judge murdered, Voight and Olinsky lean on a retired contract killer, Joseph “JP” Price, to help connect them to Oskar. He admits Oskar offered him the job, but refuses to cooperate – until they agree to expunge an arrest on his son’s record. JP gives Intelligence the name of the hit man Oskar did hire (Shostak), and after Voight lays on some pressure, he contacts the hit man and pretends that he took Halstead hostage. Shostak, however, remains unimpressed – he wants to see Halstead alive, a risk Voight is not willing to take. Except Halstead overhears the call and, against Voight’s orders, insists JP agree to prove that he’s got the detective. So much for house arrest.

JP drives Halstead to the site of the exchange, but when he arrives Shostak changes plans… and texts JP a photo of JP’s son. That’s all the former hit man needs to see – he immediately puts a gun on Halstead and races away, desperate to save his son’s life. He loses the rest of the squad en route to a half-demolished lot – but Halstead manages to break free and suddenly JP’s staring at his own gun. They decide to go ahead with the exchange… except Shostak suspects something’s wrong when he arrives. He peels out of the lot, followed by a speeding Voight and Lindsay, both alerted to the location by Halstead. An intense chase ends with Shostak slamming his car into a parked vehicle and not resisting arrest. Voight finds JP’s son in the trunk, bloody and bruised, but alive.

Similar news comes down at Chicago Med when Maddie’s doctor finally emerges with an update – she sustained some serious injuries, but the bullet missed her jugular and she will recover. Halstead – joined at the hospital by Brett – sighs in relief, thankful that a bullet meant for him did not result in an innocent death. But after Brett leaves and Halstead lingers alone in the waiting room, he sinks to the floor, hit by a wave of emotion.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Season Two (2014-2015) > Episodic Photography > 2.03 – The Weigh Station
VIEW: Season Two (2014-2015) > Behind the Scenes > Behind the Scenes: The Weigh Station
VIEW: Season Two (2014-2015) > Episode Screencaptures > 2.03 – The Weigh Station – Television has no shortage of hot young couples hooking up.

Just last week saw the debut of three new TV rom-coms revolving around the relationships of sexy singles.

But there’s another newly courting couple on TV: Sgt. Trudy Platt (“Chicago P.D.”) and firefighter Randy “Mouch” McHolland (“Chicago Fire”), better known to shippers like me as Plouch.

Plouch has something truly special. That’s because the small screen rarely pays attention to the romantic lives of card-carrying AARP members who — as Platt would put it — don’t necessarily have the bone structure of, say, Madeleine Stowe (“Revenge”) or “Mad Men’s” silver fox Roger Sterling.

“I’ve always had issues with that,” said Christian Stolte, the Skokie actor who plays sedentary Mouch on the NBC drama. He turns 52 next week. “I see some British series … where that’s just not the case — where you get interesting actors, interesting faces. They’re not the most glamorous. They’re not head-turners. But they look the way people look. I don’t know why we decided in this country that we can’t have that. Or, we can have it but we don’t want to see those people fall in love. We don’t want to see that part of their life.” – A little friendly competition never hurt anybody – in fact, it can do a lot of good.

The casts of NBC’s Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. battled it out at cycling studio Flywheel in Chicago on Sunday to benefit families of police officers, firefighters and paramedics who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Stars including Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, Monica Raymund, Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer, Jon Seda, Marina Squerciati, Josh Segarra, David Eigenberg and more sweated it out for the 100 Club of Chicago, and they’ve raised $14,000 so far.

The studio was divided “into two sections, with Chicago Fire in red shirts on one side and Chicago P.D. in blue shirts on the other. They were each cheering for their team and calling out people on the other side,” a source tells PEOPLE.

“They also all put their character names up on the leaderboard which was cute,” says the source. “So Taylor was ‘Severide’ and Jesse was ‘Casey.’ Sophia was ‘Lindsay’ and Marina was ‘Burgess.’ They all went by their names on the two shows.”

Out of the women, Squerciati from Chicago P.D. came out on top with costar Bush not far behind, and Segarra and Spencer took it for the men, with Kinney in fourth place. However, Eigenberg wins the prize for “most enthusiastic.” He was “cheering and screaming the entire ride,” says the source.

Gallery Link:
VIEW: The Cast > Events & Appearances > 2014 > October 05 | Chicago Fire And Chicago PD Cast At Flywheel Sports

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