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E!Online.comDid ya miss us?

We know, we know. We seriously slacked on scoop for a bit this summer. Sorry, we were just having a little too much fun in the sun, but fret not, Spoiler Chat is back and better than ever. In today’s column, we’ve got tons of juicy scoop on some of TV’s hottest shows, including The Walking Dead’s “savage” new season, Teen Wolf’s “crazy” finale and The Good Wife’s next twist you won’t see coming.

Plus, we also have spoilers on Orange Is the New Black, Revenge, Downton Abbey and more…

Madeline: Chicago PD is so underrated and Sophia Bush is so good on it! Anything you can tell us about her character next season?
Prepare to meet someone major from Lindsay’s past in the premiere. And it’s really, really intense and will shed a light on her not-so-great childhood.

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Examiner.com – “Chicago PD” is getting ready for season two on NBC, and the first spoilers for the season two premiere have just been released. On July 15, E! Online shared a small teaser for the season two premiere, and Spoiler TV also shared the title of the premiere episode with fans of the series.

“Chicago PD” became an instant hit on NBC after its premiere in January. With its connection to “Chicago Fire” and a clear open door policy between the two Dick Wolf produced series, fans tuned in to watch both shows. They did not want to miss one moment of the action. The shows even took things a step further with a crossover romance featuring Lindsay and Severide, who are played by Sophia Bush and Taylor Kinney. The couple heated things up as the season of “Chicago PD” progressed.

Derek Haas revealed the title of the season two premiere on his Twitter on Monday. The episode is oddly titled, “Call It Macaroni.” He teased that the title would make sense once the episode aired in September. NBC promised fans a longer season this time around. Season one of the series was a shortened season that NBC added on to as the ratings picked up.

Sophia Bush’s character played a large role in the first season, and her character was the center of the action as the season ended. A man from her past returned, and he stirred up trouble for Lindsay and the rest of the Intelligence division.

E! Online reported fans will see another person from her past arrive in the season two premiere. This arrival will give fans even more of a glimpse of her past. The series will explore her childhood. That could explain the title of the season two premiere. It is something that could relate to a family setting.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of “Chicago PD” to NBC? The series will return to the network with season two this fall.

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DigitalSpy.com – Chicago PD star Sophia Bush has described the show as a “complex” drama “about heroes that at times are anti-heroes”.

The cop thriller – coming to 5USA – airs on broadcast network NBC in the US, but Bush told Digital Spy that Chicago PD feels more like a cable series.

“It’s about the people in the Chicago PD intelligence unit, it’s about the troubles that they face,” she explained. “It’s complex – it’s not meant to be simple or easily definable.

“I think that’s really the thing that stands out to people – it feels like a show about people rather than a show about episodic crime.”

Bush – known for her role as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill – plays Detective Erin Lindsay on the new series.

“She is very much her own person,” the actress said. “She’s not being marginalised, she’s not a side-kick or a girlfriend, she’s a very integral part of her unit.”

Chicago PD was launched as a spinoff from firefighter drama Chicago Fire, with Bush telling DS that both show’s casts are “pretty obsessed with each other”.

“We’re all together all the time,” she said. “Whether that’s ten of us going to a Blackhawks game or everybody heading out for a whiskey or whatever on a Friday, we’re a very close-knit group and I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

Chicago PD starts exclusively on 5USA at 9pm on Wednesday, July 16.

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DigitalSpy.com – The stars of Chicago PD have spoken to Digital Spy about the show’s early evolution.

Jason Beghe (Hank Voight) and Jon Seda (Antonio Dawson) were promoting the Chicago Fire spinoff at the 2014 Monte Carlo Television Festival.

In the DS interview, Beghe, Seda and “daddy” Dick Wolf – series creator – talk the origins of Chicago PD and how network NBC came to love tough guy Voight.

Wolf also reveals his thoughts on expanding the Chicago universe and whether a third show could join Fire and PD.

Chicago PD will air on 5USA in the UK from July.

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GlobalNews.Ca – TORONTO — Two of the most exciting shows returning to Global this fall are Chicago Fire — back for a third season — and Chicago PD, which will kick off its sophomore season.

Charlie Barnett plays rookie firefighter Peter Mills on Chicago Fire and Jesse Lee Soffer plays detective Jay Halstead on Chicago PD. Both actors sat down with Global News on Wednesday to talk about their shows.

The two of you are sort of the moral conscience of your respective shows…
Jesse Lee Soffer: Yeah, I’m actually starting to realize that.

…does this make your roles more interesting to play?
Charlie Barnett: I battle with this often. It’s difficult sometimes because you act as a balance between everybody else. You don’t get to have the ripping-your-hair-out and throwing-your-heart-out-on-the-table scenes. You don’t always get the, you know, ‘I’m going to bust some guy up because I’m a f***ing badass.’ In another sense it’s great because you get to see everybody and everything and see how you relate in the world.

JLS: Yeah, for me I actually really like being the moral compass sometimes. I think each of the characters are the moral compass sometimes. Everybody’s constantly conflicted with right or wrong, what they’re willing to do. Except for Voight — Voight, you know what he’s going to do every time. But for all of us it’s in the grey area and it’s always in question and I think that that’s what’s fun because I think that’s what real police work is all about. I don’t think any of it is black and white — I think all of it is grey.

Both shows go beyond the titular workplace and explore the personal lives of your characters. Does that also make it more interesting for you as actors?
CB: Absolutely

JLS: Absolutely. I think it’s more entertaining for the viewers. It’s more challenging and fun for us.

CB: More layers, more levels.

JLS: Yeah, you get to see what these people are taking home from work and how they’re dealing with it.

CB: I mean, how many people do you know in life are like one thing when they enter their job and then they get home and it’s like a totally different thing?

JLS: You get to dive into a character a little bit more and figure out where they’re from and where they’re going and who they are.

Do these roles let you live out childhood fantasies of wanting to be a fire fighter or a cop?
JLS: There’s a part of me that still wants to be a Navy Seal or an FBI agent right now, so absolutely.

So you’re happy when you see that you get to shoot some guy in the face?
JLS: I get a little excited, which is really dark and morbid, but it’s true.

Unlike a lot of shows that are set in cities where they are not actually shot, you guys really shoot in Chicago. What has this been like?
JLS: We love Chicago. Chicago has welcomed us with open arms. The shows are a big part of the city. The city has such a sense of pride for its sports teams and, I think, for these shows.

CB: The community has really rallied behind us.

JLS: And what’s really cool about the shows it Chicago is a big character in the shows. The shows don’t work without Chicago, without the cityscape in the background.

CB: It’s nice to see a show highlighted in that city. I think it’s been a long time since it’s had its glory. It’s cool to see it on a weekly basis.

Jesse, your co-star Elias Koteas is from Montreal. Does that ever come up on set?
JLS: He does every once in awhile delve into some French, which is always fascinating. He knows Greek, too.

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EW.com – Chicago P.D. started its season with a bang when, by the end of episode one, it had already killed off one of the members of its Intelligence Unit. And when it comes to the finale, fans can expect yet another huge cliffhanger. Our advice? Don’t miss the final 60 seconds of the finale. “In our finale, it’s really just about our team and our unit,” Jesse Lee Soffer said. “And something so surprising happens, we didn’t even see it coming when we opened the script.”

But can the finale live up to the drama of the season’s crossover episode? “It will definitely compare,” Soffer promised. However, expect this hour to delve more into Lindsay’s backstory, and specifically, that shady Charlie character who’s been hanging around. “Lindsay gets into a lot of trouble. Charlie might be deeply involved. He might have information that can incriminate her,” Soffer teased.

So with his partner in a potentially incriminating situation, how will Halstead handle himself? “I think he ends up making some decisions about what kind of cop he is or what kind of cop he wants to be. He decides where his boundaries are a little bit, where his morals lie, and I think he realizes that he’s maybe not willing to do certain things but he’s capable of allowing things to happen for the sake of the greater good,” Soffer said. “It’s like you might have to kill one guy to save 100. Morally, how do you feel about that? And every character on the show is going to have a different feeling.”

And although Soffer wouldn’t say much about a romantic moment between Halstead and Lindsay — “If you were the producer of a TV show, would you want your two young partners to have a moment right away or would you want to maybe tease that out for the fans for a long time?” — he did confirm that Halstead will find himself fighting for his partner. “[He] definitely gets pulled in, definitely has to test his boundaries and figure out what he’s willing to do and how far he’s willing to go to help his partner.” And does that mean a Charlie-Halstead showdown is in the cards? “It could be. It depends on how you define showdown, but I will say this: The possibility of conflict in imminent,” Soffer said.

But don’t worry guys, he promises that fans will get some “#Linstead” scenes. And while we’re on the topic, how does he feel about #HotHalstead? “#flattered,” he said with a laugh.

Moving away from Lindsay’s situation, Soffer also talked about the other big drama in the Unit — Jin’s betrayal. When it comes to how everyone will react, he said: “I think it’s almost like Meet the Parents. It’s like, you’re in the circle of trust until you’re not, and if you’re not in the circle of trust, then [it's] not good for you.” That being said, “We love Jin, so it’s going to be interesting to see where that goes. I actually can’t say more about that because I don’t even know.”

So with that mystery bleeding into season 2, what else would Soffer like to explore next year? Halstead’s background, for one, which he claims you “might see a little bit of” in the finale. “I’d love to see where he comes from a little bit more, and for the audience to see that,” he said. “I have my own ideas about it, but the producers might have another. We haven’t really delved into it too much. What you do know is that he became a cop and one of the first things that happened was the Lonnie Rodiger case, where he murdered the younger brother of Jay’s high school sweetheart. So, he obviously is a home town boy. He’s from Chicago, but other than that, why he went into the military, what he did when he served, his family life and stuff like that – it’s all still a mystery which is good because it’s fun to play with that stuff.”

But for now, all we need to know about Halstead is that he’s trying to help his partner out of a bad situation. “[The finale] is very sticky, and then there’s a really big cliffhanger at the end. Something crazy happens. You’re not going to see it coming, and it’ll be a really good segue into season 2.”

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