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Yahoo.com – The summer blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has re-introduced audiences to characters beloved since the 1980s, including the titular fighting reptiles, gutsy reporter April O’Neil, and steel-plated villain Shredder. Missing from the lineup is hockey-masked vigilante Casey Jones, the turtles’ human foil (and April’s love interest) in the original comics, TV series, and ’90s film franchise. At Comic-Con, director Jonathan Liebesman and producer Andrew Form told Screen Rant that they were interested in making Casey, originally played on the big screen by Elias Koteas, a part of the 2016 Ninja Turtles sequel.

Around the same time that Ninja Turtles devotees were swarming Comic-Con, Koteas’s castmates from the NBC procedural Chicago P.D. were taking him to a midnight screening of the 1990 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Koteas was 28 years old when he starred as the hockey stick-wielding New Yorker who fights alongside the turtles (played by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop-designed animatronic puppets).

“Most of my [Chicago P.D.] castmates are in their thirties, so they grew up watching it,” Koteas tells Yahoo Movies. “It has nothing to do with me anymore, you know? And I was really just moved by how much joy it brings.”

Koteas, 53, approaches the subject of acting with serious introspection, as befits his alma mater, the Actor’s Studio of New York. So how does a guy like that end up playing scenes with giant rubber turtles? “Quite honestly, my life at that time was in such turmoil. That’s really what I remember,” Koteas admits. “The job was a reprieve from that: going and playing with turtles and pretending I’m this swashbuckling, tree-swinging, rooftop vigilante guy.”

When the Canadian-born actor auditioned, he had no familiarity with the Ninja Turtles comics. What he did have was the start of a very promising career, playing standout characters in films like John Hughes’s Some Kind of Wonderful and Francis Ford Coppola’s Tucker: The Man and His Dream. For him, the appeal of Casey Jones was the character’s generous spirit. “With whatever was going on in my life, it just felt like, ‘Ah, this is appropriate. Let me live out a fantasy of protecting the weak,’” says Koteas.

Once he was cast, Koteas went through martial arts training, though he stuck with the basics. (“It wasn’t like I was this high-kicking karate guy, you know what I mean? You work with what you got.”) The tough part of shooting, as it turned out, was working with Henson’s complex animatronic puppets. “You could be doing it 16 times, until they get it technically right. So it was a challenge to just try to remain curious and focused while they got the mechanics correct with the turtles’ heads and all these things,” he recalls. “But it was fun. Sometimes you gotta just say, ‘OK, whatever study I did, I’m going to toss it out and play.’”

With the success of the sensory-assaulting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles relaunch, the Internet is full of “Where are they now?” pieces about the original film’s cast. But anyone who’s paying attention knows that Koteas has never gone anywhere (though his flowing Casey Jones locks are gone for good). In addition to his current television work — Chicago P.D. and a 2013 stint on The Killing — he’s been a regular presence in movies, with notable roles in The Thin Red Line, Zodiac, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, among many others. In his latest, the independent comedy Jake Squared (in theaters and on VOD Aug. 15), Koteas plays a director whose past selves begin showing up uninvited to his film shoot. Playing Jake at 30, 40, and 50, did he ever picture his Ninja Turtles-era self standing alongside them?

“Yeah, I did think about that!” he acknowledges. But for the most part, the 1990 blockbuster doesn’t cross his mind — except when fans approach him. “I get stopped in the street and it’s like, ‘Hey, there’s Casey Jones!’ There’s nothing but gracious gratitude, if there is such a term,” says Koteas. “So yeah, Ninja Turtles kind of makes me smile when I think about it. But it seems like such a long time ago…. This is probably the most I’ve ever talked about it.”

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Thanks to SpoilerTV, we have a MQ photo of the new poster for season 2 added to the gallery. As soon as the HQ is released I will update it. Until then, enjoy. Cant wait for the new season too start!

Gallery Link:
VIEW: Season Two (2014-2015) > Promotional Photos > Posters & Artwork

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TVGuide.com – Brian Geraghty has joined the cast of Chicago P.D., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Boardwalk Empire alum, whose credits also include Ray Donovan and True Blood, will play Sean Roman, Burgess’ (Marina Squerciati) new partner.

Chicago P.D. boss talks Season 2: Jin’s murder “shakes everybody up”

“He was going to be a third generation smelter in Chicago, but he had uncles who had been inhaling copper and nickel,” showrunner Matt Olmstead recently told TVGuide.com of Officer Roman.” He was scheduled to go down that road until they closed the plant down. He also has perspective in his life of, ‘I know what hard work is.’ He’s a guy who really has a bounce in his step and also helps Burgess realize like, yeah, actually the uniform’s a pretty good place to be for however much longer she is going to do it.”

What do you think of the casting?

Chicago P.D. returns Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c on NBC.

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TVGuide.com – He may be gone, but Jin definitely won’t be forgotten when Chicago P.D. returns for Season 2 this fall.

“It shakes everybody up,” showrunner Matt Olmstead tells TVGuide.com, “definitely for the next three or four episodes until people can re-galvanize as a family, but people have some hard feelings about how it all goes down.”

In the Season 1 finale, the Intelligence Unit’s tech and surveillance expert was found dead in the final moments of the episode after being confronted by Voight (Jason Beghe) about his snooping into Voight for internal affairs. Jin (Archie Kao) was last seen rushing out of his office and sending a mysterious flash drive to an unknown recipient. “[Archie] didn’t know nor did we. It’s one of those things where the story told was headed in that direction in terms of needing to have a cliff-hanger and a big impact of a season finale and also just show the ramifications of that police work and that unit and street level and no one’s guaranteed anything,” Olmstead says. “It started to kind of gain momentum; like this character can’t survive this.”

Jesse Lee Soffer also laments the loss of Kao. “It was intense. We were very close. We knew right away we were going to miss Archie a lot,” he says. “That’s a hard blow to take, but it made the finale really intense and kind of amazing.”

However, it won’t take long for the team to piece together the clues surrounding his mysterious death, which Olmstead says will be solved within the first episode. “His murder hasn’t been solved yet so you have the team wanting to know what the hell is going on, in particular Halstead, who has never really carried Voight’s water. But then you have Lindsay who’s loyal and maybe even an apologist for Voight,” Olmstead says. “We play the mystery of who killed Jin, and then certainly the ramifications of, once that mystery is solved, how people feel about who did it and why.”

Jin’s death, as well as Voight’s possible connection to it, will divide the unit. “In the first episode, we’re going to definitely focus on Jin and what happened, whether Voight is guilty or not,” Halstead says. “I think we’re going to hopefully wrap it up pretty quick, but we’ll figure out what part of the unit is going to stand behind [Voight] and what part is not going to stand behind him. He looks like a shoo-in but we’ll see.”

As suspicions about Voight’s possible connection to the murder heat up, he will pull those he trusts closer, such as Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), whom Voight hand-picks to fill in for Jin. “We have some fun with it because we have Voight going to Ruzek, who’s right out of the academy and he’s like, ‘You took all these computer courses, right?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, OK, you figure it out,’” Olmstead says. “I’m sure he’ll screw it up and bring somebody else in, but for now, he just dumps him because Voight has some trust issues in that role especially so he wants someone he knows will not be reporting on him.”

Although Ruzek will be less than enthused about his new professional duties, the latest developments in his personal life are a different story. After sharing a kiss with Burgess (Marina Squerciati) midway through Season 1, the two consummated their feelings for each other in a big way in the season finale despite the fact that Burgess was passed over for a promotion because of her dalliance with Ruzek. “It’s tough for her because she likes Ruzek a lot, he likes her so they’re going to try and maintain a furtive relationship,” Olmstead says. “She knows full well what would happen if Voight finds out, but the heart wants what the heart wants. But also she realizes, ‘Hey, uniform isn’t that bad,’ and also, ‘If I don’t get intelligence here, there’s plenty of other departments in Chicago.’”

Burgess’ change of heart about her longstanding desire to join Intelligence will come courtesy of her new enthusiastic partner in uniform, a role which has yet to be cast. “We realized at the end, Burgess wants to get Intelligence, and pining for Intelligence by extension almost makes it look like the uniform is chump work, which we don’t want to do,” Olmstead says. “There are a lot of guys in uniform who want to stay in uniform because once you get a gold shield or once you’re a detective, the politics, the ass-kissing, all the stuff you’ve got to deal with, but when you’re in uniform, you’re out in the car, you’re gone, there’s no boss breathing down your neck so this character really likes the action.”

Olmstead says Burgess’ new partner will add an important new voice to the team, and to the show. “He was going to be a third generation smelter in Chicago, but he had uncles who had been inhaling copper and nickel. He was scheduled to go down that road until they closed the plant down,” Olmstead says. “He also has perspective in his life of, ‘I know what hard work is.’ He’s a guy who really has a bounce in his step and also helps Burgess realize like, yeah ,actually the uniform’s a pretty good place to be for however much longer she is going to do it.”

The new season of Chicago P.D. kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c on NBC

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BroadwayWorld.com – Freestyle Releasing and Freestyle Digital Media (FDM) announced today that they have acquired theatrical and all DVD/VOD rights to JAKE SQUARED, the existential comedy from writer/director Howard Goldberg (director of Sundance Festival favorite EDEN). Watch the trailer below!

The film features Elias Koteas (“Chicago PD”), Jennifer Jason Leigh, Academy Award-nominee Virginia Madsen, Jane Seymour and Mike Vogel (“Under the Dome”). JAKE SQUARED was produced by Goldberg, Koteas, and David K. Wilson. Executive Producer was Oren Koules (“Saw” series and “2 1/2 Men”). The film is slated for a theatrical and VOD release on August 15th, 2014.

Jake Klein, 50 (Koteas), sets out to make a movie. He hires an actor to play himself and throws a big party. His idea is to shoot the heck out of it and see what he gets. But, everything spins out of control as different, unexpected people show up. Old loves are there. New loves are there. His dead father, his mother when she was young, his kids, his ex-wife, even his younger selves, Jake at 40, Jake at 30 and Jake at 17, are there, too – and every one of them has tons of advice on how to fix his screwed up life. Jake’s head reels as he staggers through what’s either a mystical experience, a nervous breakdown… or both!

Freestyle Releasing Co-President Mark Borde brokered the deal with Howard Goldberg. “Jake Squared is a funny, star-packed indie darling,” said Borde, “we are very happy to now be offering it to a wide audience.”

JAKE SQUARED was recently the centerpiece film at the 2014 Downtown Film Festival of Los Angeles and won both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress — Feature Film awards, for Virginia Madsen and Jane Seymour, respectively.

Recent Freestyle titles include the box office hit GOD’S NOT DEAD, as well as recent titles Bottled Up with Melissa Leo, UNDERDOGS, with D.B. Sweeny and Natalie Imbruglia, TIGER EYES, the first big screen adaptation of a Judy Blume novel starring Willa Holland. Upcoming titles include THE IDENTICAL starring Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta and LEFT BEHIND starring Nicholas Cage.

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TVGuide.comEvery week, senior reporter Natalie Abrams satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams

What can you say is coming up for Lindsay and Severide this season on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire? — Nina
A love triangle! Showrunner Matt Olmstead says that Severide will stay with Lindsay throughout Season 3, but he also says that sparks will continue to fly between Lindsay and her partner Halstead. “I’m sure it will be sticky again for Lindsey and Halstead,” Jesse Lee Soffer says. “They obviously still have a connection. Who knows if they’ll take that risk and if Voight will allow that to happen or if he’ll end up killing somebody?” I know he’s kidding, but let’s not forget what happened to poor Jin in the season finale! RIP!

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E!Online.comDid ya miss us?

We know, we know. We seriously slacked on scoop for a bit this summer. Sorry, we were just having a little too much fun in the sun, but fret not, Spoiler Chat is back and better than ever. In today’s column, we’ve got tons of juicy scoop on some of TV’s hottest shows, including The Walking Dead’s “savage” new season, Teen Wolf’s “crazy” finale and The Good Wife’s next twist you won’t see coming.

Plus, we also have spoilers on Orange Is the New Black, Revenge, Downton Abbey and more…

Madeline: Chicago PD is so underrated and Sophia Bush is so good on it! Anything you can tell us about her character next season?
Prepare to meet someone major from Lindsay’s past in the premiere. And it’s really, really intense and will shed a light on her not-so-great childhood.

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Examiner.com – “Chicago PD” is getting ready for season two on NBC, and the first spoilers for the season two premiere have just been released. On July 15, E! Online shared a small teaser for the season two premiere, and Spoiler TV also shared the title of the premiere episode with fans of the series.

“Chicago PD” became an instant hit on NBC after its premiere in January. With its connection to “Chicago Fire” and a clear open door policy between the two Dick Wolf produced series, fans tuned in to watch both shows. They did not want to miss one moment of the action. The shows even took things a step further with a crossover romance featuring Lindsay and Severide, who are played by Sophia Bush and Taylor Kinney. The couple heated things up as the season of “Chicago PD” progressed.

Derek Haas revealed the title of the season two premiere on his Twitter on Monday. The episode is oddly titled, “Call It Macaroni.” He teased that the title would make sense once the episode aired in September. NBC promised fans a longer season this time around. Season one of the series was a shortened season that NBC added on to as the ratings picked up.

Sophia Bush’s character played a large role in the first season, and her character was the center of the action as the season ended. A man from her past returned, and he stirred up trouble for Lindsay and the rest of the Intelligence division.

E! Online reported fans will see another person from her past arrive in the season two premiere. This arrival will give fans even more of a glimpse of her past. The series will explore her childhood. That could explain the title of the season two premiere. It is something that could relate to a family setting.

What do you think? Are you ready for the return of “Chicago PD” to NBC? The series will return to the network with season two this fall.

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