‘Chicago PD’ season 2 spoilers: Sophia Bush coy on Lindsay’s future

cartermatt.com – “Chicago PD” wrapped up its 2014 story on Wednesday night, but it still feels as though there is just as much intrigue (and questions) out there now that there was a matter of days ago.

For example, we still do not have a whole lot more in the way of details regarding the future of Erin Lindsay. Does getting appointed to a task force mean great things for her career to? Sure, but it puts her regular employer in a strange position. Without her in the police department, it doesn’t feel like the same show. Given what happened to Burgess in Wednesday’s episode, things are even more in a precarious position than usual.

Sophia Bush, obviously doing her part to keep intrigue high leading into the upcoming finale, played coy on her future in a series of posts on Twitter after the episode aired. Given the promotional strategy of NBC, it seems almost assured that she will be back at some point. How could #WomenCrushWednesday work without her being a main player on the show? The network has placed her all over those posters!

We continue to contend that this is one of the all-familiar temporary shakeups that a crime show does to keep things from being too predictable. Still, it does pose an interesting question: How do you keep a character like Lindsay deeply involved with the series, while also showing that she is working her way up the career ladder? At a certain point, it gets unrealistic to say that she will be in the same exact position for too long.

“Chicago PD” will return to NBC with new episodes next year, and we will almost surely have some more updates before then.


‘Chicago PD’ season 2, episode 10 preview: Is Sophia Bush’s Lindsay leaving? Also, return date

Cartermatt.com – We’ve seen quite a few storylines unfold throughout the second season of “Chicago PD,” whether we are talking about ones featuring Erin Lindsay getting job offers, Voight working secretly with Internal Affairs, or a crossover that brought the team together with the Special Victims Unit in New York City.

Trust us when we say that there is still plenty to come, but NBC is going to make us wait for a little while. Wednesday, January 7 is when the next new episode of the show returns, and you will have some further answers to some of the biggest cliffhangers … starting with one related to Sophia Bush’s character.

Is Lindsay really gone? We have a very hard time thinking that given how popular the characters is. Also, NBC has been relentless in their promotion of her all season long with that whole “Women Crush Wednesday” campaign, and it seems rather useless that they would do that, only for them to turn around and remove her from the series.

Trust us when we say that we’re pretty confident that we have not seen the last of her character on the show. If nothing else, this could be a really interesting shakeup! It could give the characters an opportunity to refocus and give more value to what she brings to the table, since she does bring a lot and seems to be under estimated more then she should be.

What we can really say for now is that this show is putting in the work to surprise us and it seems that they aren’t afraid to take some risks. We just have to wait and see if they end up delivering with the end product.


Chicago PD – “Called in Dead” Recap

Lindsay rushes into her apartment to find Nadia with a heroin addict named Elisha overdosing in the bathroom. She tips off Intelligence to an underground heroin lab based in a club, which leads the team to an exciting (and dangerous) recon mission that ends in a major score: 20 kilos of the deadly heroin brand Passion.

Despite blowback from Commander Fischer regarding the legitimacy of Elisha’s intel, Voight pushes the investigation forward. Phone taps and security footage lead them to the club manager who caves during an interview and agrees to set up a meeting with his mysterious contact, Blue. Intelligence snatches Blue up at the meeting without much trouble, but he refuses talk. Voight insists they wait for news to reach the streets, certain that will drum up information, even though Atwater explains the phone taps hit radio silence the second they tossed Blue into custody.

Meanwhile, Lindsay meets with special agent David Lang who makes the hard sell for her to join the task force Kot offered her earlier. She mulls it over and decides to take the position and leave Intelligence. In a bittersweet moment later, Lindsay fights back tears and announces to Voight and the whole unit that she will no longer be on the team. They issue their support, albeit with heavy hearts.

With the case flatlined, Olinsky heads home, excited that his wife Meredith recently allowed him to move out of the garage and back into the house. But instead of open arms, he’s greeted by two armed goons… and a terrified Meredith taped to a chair. The goons want their 20 kilos back and threaten to kill Meredith unless Olinsky cooperates. Escorted to District 21 by one of the goons, Olinsky retrieves the drugs in a duffel bag – but also brings back a gun and surprises his captor with a shot to the head. He brings Voight back to the house and they arrest the other criminal. Meredith, shocked and shaken, hugs her husband.

Turns out the two goons are the infamous Gary Brothers from Gary, Indiana and in addition to an interest in Passion heroin, they share one other thing with Blue: a judge named Lachlan who hears every one of their cases. Olinsky’s name and address appeared on paperwork Lachlan definitely saw, which explains how the Gary Brothers located him. Voight drags Lachlan into interrogation, but the judge denies any involvement with or knowledge of the heroin ring. And Intelligence discovers he’s telling the truth; the branch clerk forged a series of documents that misdirected the judge’s orders. Sure enough, the clerk attempts to flee when Intelligence arrives for questioning. After a quick crash in a parking garage lands the clerk in cuffs, Lindsay confirms his guilt upon finding a box of court files and bags filled with thousands of dollars in the man’s backseat. Looks like they found their kingpin.

Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess find themselves working “psycho squad” duty for Platt with strict orders to interview on all “whackos” associated with threats against the Bulgarian president set to arrive in Chicago in two days. Platt hooks them up with a K-9 unit officer from another district named Jen Cassidy… who just so happens to be Roman’s ex-partner (and former lover). Jen and Roman squabble throughout the day and annoy Burgess with contentious details about their past, culminating with all-out argument in front of the final interviewee’s apartment. Frustrated by their quarrel, Burgess heads up alone, rings the doorbell and – a shotgun blast sends her to the ground! Roman and Cassidy rush to her aid and call the shooting in over the radio.

But Burgess doesn’t move… and the red stain on her vest appears to grow…

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Ray Donovan Season 3 Scoop: Watch Out for Abby!

eonline.com – The third season of Ray Donovan doesn’t start shooting until January, but we’re getting a good tease of what’s to come.

Paula Malcomson says we’ll be seeing a different side of her character, Ray’s wife Abby.

“There will be more of the same madness but Abby sort of starts to have her own agenda in a really big way because we can’t have her nagging Ray any longer,” Malcomson tells me. “I think she’s going to take care of family matters and Ray takes care of the business. So we get to see more of the matriarch.”

The Showtime series centers on Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber), a Hollywood fixer for celebrities, athletes and more. Jon Voight co-stars as his Boston ex-con father, Mickey.

Malcomson hinted that Jim, the cop Abby’s been sleeping with played by Chicago P.D.’s Brian Geraghty, may be back for more. “He’s cute,” she said. “We might need him from time to time.”

And we can’t imagine we won’t be seeing more of the show’s graphic sex scenes. Malcomson isn’t complaining. “You just jump in, man,” she said, laughing. “You just jump in. You go, ‘Hello, pleased to meet you. I’m Paula. Let’s get into bed. Would you like to make out with me?'”

In less naughty news, Malcomson plays Katniss Evergreen’s mom in the Hunger Games franchise. “It’s great for me,” she said. “I don’t have to do a lot of the lifting on these movies so it’s kind of nice to just sit back a bit.”

It was announced in September that Ray Donovan was getting a third season with a premiere reportedly happening next summer

If you haven’t seen the show yet, you should. There’s plenty of time to catch up on seasons one and two.

‘Chicago PD’ season 2 spoilers: A big change for Sophia Bush’s Lindsay and more

It may have taken quite a long time, but we are finally able to report on some new details regarding the next new episode of NBC’s “Chicago PD.”

CarterMatt.com – Granted, this new episode is not going to be airing for a little while. Per an NBC press release, the title for this one is “Called in Dead,” and it will air come Wednesday, December 10. The title is certainly ominous enough, and after reading the synopsis below, you get a better sense of what we are talking about here in terms of danger and a tough investigation:

“A friend of Nadia’s (Guest star Stella Maeve) leads the intelligence unit to a huge heroin bust. Unfortunately this bust results in Olinsky (Elias Koteas) arriving home to find the suspects are holding his wife (guest star Melissa Carlson). Voight (Jason Beghe) and the team think they’ve found a common thread with the suspects but it’s not who they think. Meanwhile Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Roman (Brian Geraghty) are given an assignment where they get paired with a K-9 officer, Jenn Cassidy (guest star Spencer Grammer) who is Roman’s former partner and girlfriend.”

So what about Erin Lindsay? While she is not mentioned in the synopsis above, we have heard already that Sophia Bush’s character is going to undergo some sort of “life-changing decision” by the time the hour is over. This may be extremely cryptic, but it is probably one of the most important things that lies ahead. Stay tuned for more!


Chicago PD – “Assignment of the Year” Recap

After witnessing an explosive spat outside a sex club between his rich client Asher and Asher’s wife Layla, Antonio drives Asher to a gas station to pick up some cigarettes. But when he returns to the SUV, Asher’s dead from a gunshot to the head and a sack of diamonds is missing. It’s a robbery gone sidewise, all on Antonio’s off-duty watch. To make matters worse, turns out Asher had international priors for stealing diamonds. This means that, regardless of whether he finds the murderer, Antonio could lose his job and his pension because he worked for a known felon. Voight and Olinsky vow to protect Antonio – and spearhead the investigation.

Antonio ropes Roman into Intelligence in order to capitalize on his knowledge of Asher, then interviews Layla. Without expressing a drip of remorse, she denies any involvement in her husband’s murder, despite Antonio’s gut feeling that she orchestrated the whole thing. Lindsay finds a connection between Asher and a jittery jeweler named Wells, who later confesses that someone tried to unload Asher’s diamonds. Security footage from the store reveals an image of the shady seller, but the footage proves worthless without an accurate ID. Could this guy be someone Layla met at the sex club?

Voight seizes the opportunity and instructs Halstead and Lindsay to pose as a couple and infiltrate the sex club. Once inside, they find a bartender who confirms that the man from the footage is a regular at the club named Terry – the same person Layla mentioned during the fight with Asher the night of his murder. The bartender also leads them to a jeweler who accepted the diamonds, but once Roman and Antonio interview him, he reveals the diamonds as fakes. With Antonio and Roman’s urging, the jeweler sets up a meeting with Terry outside the Field Museum – except Terry pushes for an earlier time, leaving Antonio and Roman without backup. Terry pulls a gun when he spots Antonio and the two engage in a fistfight outside the museum. Antonio knocks him cold and they drag Terry into interrogation.

That is where Terry finds out Layla played him: he will take the rap for the murder and do the time, while she keeps the real diamonds. So where’s Layla, anyway? Just so happens she asks for Antonio right outside District 21. Cool and in control, she hands Antonio all her records and assures him her only contact with Terry existed in the club. No paper trail, no evidence. Oh – and she cuts Antonio a check for his security services, her last move before leaving for Florida. Looks like she thought of everything.

But when Antonio returns to the office, looks like the Ivory Tower still wants his badge and gun while they launch an internal investigation – until Olinksy (under Voight’s instructions) produces folders of reports that prove Antonio worked undercover and used Roman’s security company as a front. Lucky for Antonio, the paperwork appears legit; he keeps his job. He holds back his emotions and thanks Olinsky and Voight for their help… but it’s clear that no one will talk about this case ever again.

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Jon Seda on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and the Windy City

Chicago.gopride.com – Jon Seda, who stars as Antonio Dawson in the NBC drama “Chicago P.D.”, is talking up Chicago and the second season of his hit television series.

From his TV roles including “Homicide: Life on the Street” or “UC: Undercover” to the movies “Gladiator”, “Price of Glory”, “12 Monkeys” and “Selena”, the 42-year-old Seda has been acting steadily for over a decade-and-a-half.

Jerry Nunn caught up with Seda on the Chicago set of “Chicago P.D.”

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Jon. Where are you from originally?
JS: (Jon Seda) I was born in New York but I grew up in New Jersey.

JN: How has Chicago been?
JS: Chicago has been great. I did my first movie out here back in 1990. It was a boxing movie called Gladiator. It was not the Gladiator that everybody saw! (laughs) We shot here and it was freezing then. It is good to come back. I have spent a lot of time here. I enjoy the mystery of Chicago and going around to places. Now it is a different time and it is very nice.

JN: Tell people about your character on Chicago P.D.
JS: I play Detective Antonio Dawson who was first introduced on Chicago Fire. My sister Gabriela Dawson is played by Monica Raymund. That is where I started and it spun over to Chicago P.D.

My character loves what he does. He’s a police officer and a family man. He loves his family. He will do whatever is needed as long as it is by the book and done the right way. He tries not to do anything that hinges on, dare I say, breaking the law. Like our title says, “Break the rules, don’t break the law.”

He that guy that is kind of honest. He’s a guy you trust and a good cop, very smart, and a guy you want on your side.

JN: How is the filming going so far?
JS: It is going great. We are up to episode seven, which is actually going to air as nine because they are still preparing the real seven. It is the big crossover episode between SVU, Fire, and P.D.

JN: These writers are crazy!
JS: I don’t know how they do it.

JN: Do you do your own stunts?
JS: I do most of my own things, of course, within reason. I’ve had to realize that I am an actor. People are going to think I did it anyway. I try to do my own driving and my own take downs, as long they are going to be seen. We can’t risk getting hurt. If we get hurt it could end the whole season. We try to do most of the stunts.

JN: Tell me about your hair in Selena.
JS: I miss that hair.

JN: Did you grow it out for the role?
JS: Not all of it. Most of it was mine. It was down to my shoulders then they added it because Chris Perez who I played in the movie had hair down to here. He’s like Slash! It was really curly and mine is straight. I had to curl mine up and do all of that. It was a good time.

JN: Do you have a favorite Jennifer Lopez story?
JS: You know it’s funny. People always come up to me and ask how it was kissing JLo. I like to tell people, “Hey, she got paid a million dollars to kiss me!” She was a sweetheart. She was great. She did such an incredible job in that film. Everyone had a tough job. It was a very emotional film to work on. For me I actually had the guy that I was portraying with me on the set.

JN: What are you doing after this?
JS: Just this, it is pretty much taking up all of my time. Oh, I did write a film that I am trying to get off the ground. It is a boxing based film. It is an homage to my former boxing trainer who is in the Boxing Hall of Fame. I trained at his gym in Jersey City. Boxing is what I wanted to do but acting came out of nowhere. I never got a chance to say goodbye to him. He passed away when I finally made it to go back to the gym. He had passed a year before I went looking for him.

This just happened. I became an actor and the next thing I know I am in Hollywood. I never got a chance to say goodbye. This is my way to have an homage to him. I created a story that is loosely based on real events that I experienced. It is something that I am looking to direct. I feel it could be an actor’s film. I am trying to get it off the ground so if there is anybody out there that wants to invest in an amazing project with me directing give me a call.

JN: Are you doing a Kickstarter for it?
JS: Yes, I am checking out all different angles and venues. I have someone right now that is finishing up breaking it down and getting a schedule together. It is based in New Jersey but walking around Chicago I don’t see why we can’t emulate Jersey here. If we used a sound stage we could shoot it here. Most of it is interior with some exterior shots. There’s a shot in Vegas. With Chicago P.D. going on this is a passion project of mine. It allows me to really dive in to work on it. Maybe during the next hiatus it is something I can shoot.

Chicago P.D. is currently crossing over Wednesdays on NBC.


Chicago PD – “They’ll Have to Go Through Me” Recap

The Intelligence team rushes to Chicago Med to find Lewellen and his guard – a longtime Chicago officer and an instructor at the academy – both murdered. This hits hard and when New York Special Victims Unit detectives Amaro and Rollins arrive in Chicago with Voight, everyone volunteers to do their part to catch the killer and find the snakehead of the pedophilia ring.

Amaro and Ruzek follow an odd financial connection between Lewellen and a nursing home resident with no knowledge of his involvement. Turns out Lewellen funneled money through the resident’s daughter, Matilda Hughes, who in turn used her position at the Department of Child and Family Services to refer children to a crooked foster parent. This foster parent then shuffled the children from Chicago to New York. Problem is, each one of these contacts ends up dead, Hughes in her own apartment in an apparent murder, and the foster parent from a self-inflicted gunshot… that occurs in front of Lindsay and Rollins.

The case looks dead until Roman and Burgess finally snag an ID on the shooter from a local boxer. Intelligence and SVU set their sights on Todd Ledbetter, but he gets the jump on them outside his apartment and ignites a chase. Amaro and Halstead sprint through the neighborhood and over rooftops, just a few steps behind Ledbetter. Unfortunately, the chase ends when Ledbetter slips off a roof to his death. Inside Ledbetter’s apartment, Lindsay manages to rescue a missing girl named Amy, one of two known missing children. Lindsay takes Amy home instead of dropping her back into the foster system, determined to protect her from any future abuses.

Again at a loss with the case, Voight receives more bad news – in 24 hours, Commander Fischer will redirect the case to Major Crimes, citing a conflict of interest between Lindsay and a victim in the pedophilia ring, her brother Teddy. This forces Voight to call in a favor to Benson from SVU. She hops on the next plane to Chicago and joins the rest of the team at Intelligence.

Meanwhile, with Lindsay’s urging, Bunny helps track down Teddy and the three of them meet in a diner. Lindsay pressures Teddy to help them with the investigation and he reluctantly accompanies her to District 21, only to pause in front of the evidence board… he recognizes the head of DCFS as the leader of the ring, the snakehead. Stunned, Intelligence arrests Bill Van Camp and drops him in the cage where Voight starts his patented form of interrogation – until Benson stops him. She demands two minutes with the perp and pleads with Van Camp to at least give up the location of the other known missing child. With Benson’s convincing, he leads Intelligence to one last stash house where they rescue the child – dazed, rattled, but alive.

With the case finally settled and Van Camp in jail for the crimes, SVU heads back to New York. Teddy agrees to stay with Bunny for the time being and, in an emotional moment, Lindsay locates a single, trustworthy foster home for both of the rescued children. After an intense case that reaches across two cities and dozens of lives, at last there’s a silver lining.

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