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District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups. There are the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head-to-head with the city's street crimes. And there's the Intelligence Unit, the team that combats the city's major offenses - organized crime, drug trafficking, high profile murders and beyond. | Photos | Official Website

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Episode: "8:30 PM" | Airs: April 28 & 29, 2014

As Voight and his team search for the bombers, they realize there might be more bombs.

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Truck Stop
Jason as Eric
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A 1970's-set drama centered around the friendship between a kid with cerebral palsy and a troubled runaway.
Release: 2014
Status: Post Production
Genre: Drama

The Tell-Tale Heart
Patrick as TBA
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A haunting account of a tormented man who continually re-admits himself into a halfway house, in a futile attempt to escape a spiral into madness. Based on Edgar Allan Poe's, The Tell-Tale Heart.
Release: 2014
Status: Post Production
Genre: Thriller

Archie as Shum
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American and Chinese forces work together on a case of high-level computer hacking.
Release: January 16, 2015
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Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

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© 2013- | All Rights Reserved. – The end of “Chicago Fire” season 2 is near, but before NBC closes this chapter, they’ve decided to give you one additional crossover from this massive world they have created.

In a post on Instagram, Sophia Bush confirmed that she is going to be guest-starring on the final episode of the season as Erin Lindsay, her character from “Chicago PD.” This is not the first crossover that Bush has done by any means, as she has done multiple episodes of “Chicago Fire” dating back to the first season when her character was introduced. She was also given a chance to appear on an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” this season, just to give that new show that much more of an additional boost.

“Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire” have not necessarily become runaway hits for NBC by any means, but they have done enough for the network to feel like there is a potential franchise here. Both bring something a little bit different to TV than you get from most other series out there, at least in that they are more focused on the sense of fraternity and the politics of being in the police or fire department hen just catching some sinister bad guy or telling a whodunnit style mystery. Both shows have already been renewed for another season; it’s ironically “Law & Order: SVU,” which is now in its 15th season, that is the one still waiting to find out what lies on the other side of the rainbow.

The “Chicago FIre” finale will air next month, and is still multiple weeks out. We’ll have more news as we creep up to the time of it airing.

Halstead and an attractive woman tear off each other’s clothes and flop on the bed – a moment they’ve both been waiting for – and it seems like more than a one-night stand when she visits him at District 21. Lindsay takes notice, but Halstead stays mum.

A call sends Intelligence out to a bank robbery where a group of thieves lifted 8 million bucks – and killed almost everyone inside. Two dazed survivors – Perko and Gonzalez – nurse wounds and comply with questioning, yet only Perko offers up a witnessed account. Voight suspects he’s lying – the evidence all points to an inside job – and later allows Sumner and Antonio to follow up in the hospital. Sure enough, Perko admits to covering for a guy he recognized from the Two-Threes, a Croatian gang. On that tip, Voight leads the unit to a Two-Threes hangout – only to find rooms full of dead gangsters. Someone’s cleaning house.

Further investigation muddies the waters – casings and at least one body indicate Colombian involvement. Did they rob the robbers? It’s not exactly clear, until someone torches Perko in broad daylight, lighting him on fire with gasoline. Voight thinks maybe Perko organized the whole thing, until they discover his brother serving time in prison, and he admits his cellmate is a member of the Latin Kings who may have overheard the plan. The Latin Kings link adds up, and Intelligence lands a new target: Rolo Ramirez. Gonzalez, the other witness from the original robbery, comes clean and gives Voight and Olinsky a valuable lead – Ramirez likes high-end whores.

In order to infiltrate the Latin Kings and nail Ramirez, Voight sets up an undercover sting – and Burgess volunteers to help. Lindsay hooks her up with Nadia (now a month sober) to legitimize them and it works – goons for Ramirez take the pair to a hideout. But one goon, Munoz, remains suspicious of Burgess, and in a tense moment, Nadia manages to cover for her by snorting cocaine. Burgess alerts Intelligence, and the whole team crashes in, apprehending Ramirez. Munoz beats Burgess and escapes, fighting off Ruzek on his way to a serious chase from Halstead. They end up in a bloody fistfight – and Halstead loses. Even though Munoz gets away, Ramirez gives up the location to the $8 million loot.

Bruised from his fight with Munoz, Ruzek joins Platt on an off-the-books “date” – she needs a fiancé stand-in to convince her rich dad to continue paying her Lincoln Park rent. It’s an awkward meal to say the least, but Ruzek passes the test… until he suggests Platt just tell her father she’s gay. Thing is, she’s not. Ruzek officially has his foot in his mouth. So much for getting on Platt’s good side.

Another awkward dinner takes place at the Corson house (the parents of the murdered kid Lonnie Rodiger killed) where Halstead enjoys a homemade meal – next to Allie, the attractive woman from earlier. Allie’s their daughter and Halstead’s high school sweetheart, who’s only in town for one more day. Is this where their relationship ends?

Back at District 21, Commander Perry pulls Voight and Antonio into an urgent meeting. The higher-ups are none too pleased about Munoz’s escape; they want to bait him out of hiding. And they’ve selected just the man for the job… Pulpo. The perp who kidnapped Antonio’s son.

Halstead enters District 21 for his shift and finds Voight and Commander Perry waiting for him. They notify him of Rodiger’s murder and show off surveillance photos of Halstead’s car tailing the victim. Even though he denies any involvement, Halstead hands over his badge and gun. Suspended.

With Halstead off the clock, Voight allows Sumner to test her mettle in the field as Intelligence lands a case that requires all hands on deck: a human torso found in the trunk of a wrecked car. When firefighter Kelly Severide IDs a man that fled the scene, it leads the unit to his body, this time in a vat of hydrochloric acid. The connections all point to a local gang called the Northsiders and its leader, Jacob Sims. Solid intel puts Sims at a suburban gun show so Voight organizes a sting in the parking lot. But local police move in early and Sims opens fire – killing a cop and somehow skirting arrest. What they do find is a DVD – a homemade sex tape starring Sims… and Caroline, the lawyer for the second dead body. She claims Sims threatened her with blackmail and forced her to have sex. Looks like Intelligence needs a line on Sims.

Meanwhile, Ruzek reaches out to Burgess who fired her gun for the first time during the botched suburban sting. After sharing a few beers at Molly’s, they walk to Burgess’ car… and end up in a kiss. Burgess backs away and later they agree to pretend it never happened.

Sumner proves her worth to the unit and hits up an informant with ties to the Northsiders. He clues her in on a meth lab operation Sims runs out of a trucking yard and sure enough, they discover him there – once again with his guns ablaze. Ruzek takes a bullet in the shootout, but Sims can’t outrun Antonio and Voight. Once in custody, Sims drops some curious hints that circle back to Caroline – did she organize the whole thing? Given her recent string of failed cases and guilty clients it seems possible, but lack of evidence kicks her out of custody. Maybe Sumner will file with the DA. Either way, Voight congratulates her on good police work.

This sentiment carries over to Halstead, who – with Antonio’s help in sneaking out Rodiger’s homicide file and Olinsky’s help in analyzing it – discovers the real murderer might be the least likely one of all. He meets with Phil Rodiger, Lonnie’s son, for a beer and presents substantial evidence – Phil relents under the pressure, later sobbing out a full confession to Lindsay. Voight hands back Halstead’s star, his name cleared, and the whole unit sighs with relief.

That night, Lindsay is watching TV in her apartment when a knock comes at her door. It’s Severide, holding a paperweight Lindsay lost earlier in the day (a grenade from Academy). Turns out the fireman stole it as an excuse to come by – and his risk pays off with a long kiss in her doorway. And then another. And then – Lindsay cuts it off; she’s got to work early tomorrow. Severide shuffles away, all smiles.

Entertainment Weekly – Season 1 | Episode 9 | “A Material Witness” | Aired Mar 19, 2014

“A Material Witness” picked up right where we left off – Det. Hank Voight is still sporting the cuffs to prove it. Edwin Stillwell might not be a one and done, as expected with his arrest of Voight at the end of the last episode. If he’s willing to go to those lengths his first day on the job, the idea pops to mind that guest star Ian Bohen (swoon) might have a short stay.

Instead, Stillwell immediately makes it clear that the rules of the game are changing and part of Voight’s deal with internal affairs will be to go after cops as well as criminals, and he’ll be sticking around to see the task through. His doctor recently put him on a heart-healthy diet, he shares with Voight: “Think of our new relationship like my new diet. It goes on forever, until you die.” He’s big on analogies, something Voight clearly is not. Voight wonders what happens if Stillwell dies first. Stillwell is not amused.

Stillwell is clearly not kidding around and the immediate issue on his mind is why Det. Jay Halstead has an active restraining order against him. It appears Halstead’s past is about to rush up and meet him head on.

Elsewhere, Det. Olinsky is appalled to discover that Det. Ruzek’s fiancée makes up with him via sexually oriented text messages. He wonders what happens if Ruzek ever loses his phone. Ruzek flippantly points out that it won’t matter because nobody will know it’s her – you can’t see her head. He’s very classy. Olinsky points out the obvious – Ruzek will still know. What kind of man thinks it’s OK to have nudies floating around the Internet of his fiancée whether her head is attached or not? Hey – this is Chicago P.D. – even though it wasn’t meant to sound like an actual headless body or that Wendy’s pictures are going to be starring in their own artistic Internet porn page; anything can happen.

Case in point? It’s discovered that Olinsky’s daughter is the only eye witness in her friend’s shooting. Officers Atwater and Burgess bring her into the precinct, but Olinsky wants to protect his girl. Just like that Voight takes over the investigation and Intelligence runs point on the operation.

In a brilliant turn of irony, Ruzek’s and Burgess’s working together to bring down a cell phone theft ring connected to the murder initially gets them nowhere, but when Ruzek gets another racy photo from Wendy and gives tries to call her to tell her to knock it off (I love when Olinsky gets inside his head), he discovers his phone’s been stolen[dd2] .

Having never been to Chicago, I had no idea you could run the length of a stop in the L line in the same time it takes to ride the darn thing. Ruzek manages to race the L and reach the kid, safely retrieving his own phone and everything else they were after, leading to the discovery of the murderer.

While on the streets together, Burgess learns Ruzek is engaged and it’s like the air is taken out of her balloon. While Ruzek personally chooses her to work the case and enjoys working with her, it’s difficult to tell if the feelings that registered on his face in Molly’s were anything more than appreciation for her curves (his word, not mine!). Burgess, on the other hand, is taken with his charms. Ruzek’s constant complaining about his engagement and wishing the wedding was over already together with his appreciation of Burgess doesn’t scream “man in love.” Since Voight has a problem with romance on the job, having more of it would only raise the stakes on the series and lead to more interpersonal drama. The cases of the week are interesting, but nothing in comparison to what goes on between the members of the unit.

With Olinsky’s daughter the only witness, the urgency to the case is to keep her from testifying as much as it is to solve the crime. With the guy caught and behind bars, the hope is he would plea out and she’d be off the hook. No such luck. She’s served with a subpoena, but surprises her father by standing firm in her belief that she has to do whatever is necessary to stop her friend’s killer from going free.
That makes her a target if and when the accused gets out of prison or if he has some cronies on the outside do the job for him. Voight beats him into understanding how well that would play out. The girl should be safe.

The team’s top priority is always to protect its own.

That’s a good thing, because Voight’s going to need to help Halstead. The restraining order against him is for a guy named Lonnie Rodiger (Matthew Sherbach) who was picked up in connection with Halstead’s sister’s murder. He’s free and Halstead never lets him out of his sight. The restraining order doesn’t keep him from confronting Rodiger for buying camping gear with a few extras – duct tape and rope. Det. Sheldon Jin has been giving information to Halstead to keep him informed and, frankly, to keep Halstead sane.

Voight tells Halstead that he has eyes on him. Stillwell assures Voight that his appointee, Det. Mia Sumner, isn’t working for him, but she sure looks interested in what Voight and Halstead are doing behind closed doors.

The hour ends with the discovery of another body. Rodiger has been strangled and Halstead is the top suspect.

Do you think it’s right for cops to look out for their own? Trust between officers is vital, but is it more important than running a clean team? Hit the comments and talk about your thoughts on Stillwell and his agenda and whether you think observing the intelligence unit work together and perhaps fall apart under duress will change his opinion of how of how things should work on his watch.

NBCChicago.Com – The TV dramas “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” have been renewed for the 2014-15 season, NBC announced Wednesday.

Both shows share the same creators and producers making it easy for characters and storylines to occasionally crossover seamlessly from one show to the other. This will be the case on the upcoming Tuesday, April 29 episode of “Chicago Fire” when a massive bomb explosion sends the city into chaos. The storyline will conclude the following night, Wednesday, April 30, on “Chicago P.D.” where the police officers deal with the fallout from the tragedy and try to find who was responsible for the blast.

“Chicago Fire” is the No. 1-rated program among the broadcast networks in adults aged 18 to 49 years and has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award and is the winner of a Prism Award and Imagen Foundation Award.

In its first nine weeks on the schedule, “Chicago P.D.” has generated NBC’s nine best 18-49 results in the time period, excluding Olympics and “Saturday Night Live” specials, since Sept. 25, 2013.

NBC officials also announced Wednesday the renewal of the drama ‘Grimm.” Network executives previously said “The Blacklist,” “Parks and Recreation,” “The Voice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” would all be returning to the schedule.

NBC is winning the season in adults 18-49, and ranked as the No. 1 broadcast network for the first time in 10 years this late in the season. The network is up 20 percent versus one year ago, with its highest rating 25 weeks into the season in six years.

Voight, still cuffed, sits face to face with his new IA contact, Stillwell. This guy’s song sounds familiar – he wants unbridled cooperation – but does he have more bite than Gradishar? He releases Voight with a threat for more jail time if things don’t go his way.

While District 21 buzzes about Voight’s arrest, a gang shooting sends Burgess and Atwater across town – and to the sole witness, Olinsky’s teenaged daughter, Lexi. To keep her from testifying (and becoming a surefire target to the gang), Voight and Olinsky usurp the investigation from the Gang Unit and hunt for the likely suspect, a gangbanger named Calaca hooked up with the Latin Priests. But before the case gains traction, a foursome of executed Latin Priests are found in a field. This isn’t just about territory anymore – this is an all-out gang war.

A tip leads Lindsay, Voight and Antonio to bust down the door of rival gang leader T-Mac, a member of the G-Park Lords with his eyes on killing Calaca. Once Lindsay chases him down, T-Mac caves to pressure from Voight and promises to stop murders. In other words, Intelligence buys some time to land Calaca. Problem is, when Lindsay and Antonio discover a front for PCP – the Latin Priests’ drug of choice – they find irrefutable evidence of torture… including Calaca’s pinky finger.

Ruzek ropes in Burgess for an undercover stint working as a naïve tourist in Millennium Park. Her goal: get a phone stolen by the Latin Priests so Jin can track it back to their secret headquarters. She nails the task with ease, but then her phone ends up as a dead end, stolen by a harmless old lady’s foster son with a kleptomania problem. Later, Ruzek receives some distracting (and salacious) picture texts from his fiancée. While his guard is down, a thief snatches the phone and Ruzek chases him on foot, almost losing him on the CTA. When he relocates him, Ruzek follows the kid all the way back to the house he and Burgess visited earlier. Turns out that old lady supervises a group of foster kids who all steal phones for the Latin Priests. She reluctantly gives Ruzek an address to the gang’s headquarters.

Intelligence raids the Latin Priests’ warehouse and pulls Calaca into custody. But even Voight’s untraditional form of interrogation goes nowhere – this guy’s been arrested 15 times and never ratted on the gang. Unfortunately, that guarantees Lexi will have to testify if the case goes to trial. She reassures her worried father that, despite the danger, it’s the right thing to do.

This contrasts with another call from Stillwell that brings Voight outside of town to a body, strangled to death. One look and Voight knows why he’s there – it’s Lonnie Rodiger, the kid who skirted a murder charge that Halstead obsesses over even after Voight’s repeated attempts to warn him. Stillwell makes himself clear: Halstead better have a good alibi.

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